IPCA Centre for Waste Management and Research (ICWMR) is a collaboration of Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) and TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS). We have a vision to offer an autonomous and neutral platform to wide ranging stakeholders to discuss and agree for joint action; provide evidence-based inputs to Government, Industries, and Policy makers on scientific waste management, climate change and environment; and develop synergies with important actors in the field.

To successfully accomplish project objectives and goals, we draw knowledge and experience from a large pool of faculties and experts from TERI SAS, researchers from TERI and practitioners from IPCA.

Thrust Areas of ICWMR


The Centre has organised its work in the following four verticals:

1. ASSESS (Assessment & Simulation of Suitable Environment Strategies for Sustainability)
  • Thematic Lead: Dr Atul Kumar, Scientist B
    Email: atul.kumar2@terisas.ac.in
  • The vertical undertakes scientific research and facilitate in data-driven decision-making process of the government, policy makers, corporates and the industries. Key activities include Footprint assessment, modelling, simulation, area-wide monitoring, recycling technologies, and data analysis.
2. SKILLS (Skilling Learning and Leveraging for Sustainability)
  • Thematic Lead: Ms Garima Kaushik, Scientist C
    Email: garima.kaushik@terisas.ac.in
  • The vertical conducts capacity building programmes catering to the need of diverse set of stakeholders. For this, it regularly interacts with industry, governments, and NGOs to identify the need and gaps that exists in which capacity building is required. The vertical works on bridging these gaps through trainings, workshops, panel discussions, webinars, and other capacity building programmes.
3. STRIDE (Sustainable Trade and Resilient Industrial Development with Environment)
  • Thematic Lead: Dr Divya Soman, Scientist B
    Email: divya.soman@terisas.ac.in
  • The vertical provides consultancy services to the corporates and industries on developing sustainable business strategies and incorporating Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to achieve net zero targets; complying with regulatory reporting requirements; improving brand reputation; and building business resilience.
4. CAP (Communication, Archiving and Promotion)
  • Thematic Lead: Ms Anugya Singh, Manager
    Email: manager.icwmr@terisas.ac.in
  • The vertical oversees the communication and dissemination of the Centre’s work to both internal and external stakeholders. It is involved in crafting and implementing innovative content, managing social media presence, updating the website, and compiling knowledge products.

Focus Areas

Ecological, water and carbon accounting through audits, meta-analysis of research data and decision-making tools
Ecological, water and carbon accounting are crucial aspects of assessing and managing the impacts of business activities on the environment. We help the corporates and industries in generating a comprehensive environmental audit, water and carbon accounting of their activities, processes and facilities using advanced modelling softwares, decision support systems and other scientific tools. Some of the tools used for these accounting is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The accounting will help you in making informed decisions by aligning the business strategies with your sustainability goals and complying with regulatory reporting requirements.

Corporates/ industries working in the manufacturing, processing and distribution sector benefit largely from this service.

Research-led solutions for material recycling, waste treatment, resource management and environmental risk management

Waste management is posing a serious challenge in terms of environmental, economic, social, and health-related problems. At ICWMR, we provide evidence-based solutions following desk and lab-based research in the field of material recycling and waste treatment for resource conservation and sustainable waste management. Further, we also guide towards effective supply chain management to reduce their environmental impacts, improve resource consumption & energy efficiency, and attain overall waste management. We also carry out environmental risk management of various activities and processes using some of the advanced deterministic modelling methods to estimate environmental footprints.

Technical consultancy for improving ESG performance, carbon mitigation, BRSR and other regulatory reporting
  • ESG performance
    ESG brings about the transparency and accountability of the business firm and provides a social license to phase out negative externalities of energy consumption; water usage; greenhouse gas emissions; waste management; air and water pollution thus demonstrating their commitment to sustainable growth. We provide technical consultancy on environmental, social and governance parameters for improving ESG performance of corporates by conducting materiality assessments and stakeholder engagement, generating the ESG scores and thereby improving transparency and enhancing the company's reputation. We deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization to help integrate ESG considerations into financial decision-making and attract sustainable investors.
  • Carbon mitigation
    A well-crafted carbon accounting and management strategy helps companies make better decisions to meet their business responsibility. With India’s commitment to a long-term low-carbon development strategy and net zero targets by 2070, the drive to carbon neutrality and net zero dominates the decision-making of an organization. We provide consultancy in Low Carbon Strategy and Communication Reporting by setting emissions reduction targets and implementing carbon mitigation initiatives to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global indices, and reporting initiatives. We provide strategic guidance on renewable energy adoption and energy efficiency measures, supply chain emissions reduction, and carbon offsetting strategies.
  • Business Responsibility and Sustainable Report (BRSR)
    BRSR is a seamless integration and alignment of the various regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements in terms of environmental, social and governance parameters to be followed by companies operating within India. The dedicated team at ICWMR helps you generate BRSR reports linking it to the sustainable goals thereby highlighting the responsible conduct of business and transparent disclosure of the non-financial parameters. We offer guidance on aligning with best practices and global standards and integrating relevant sustainability factors into BRSR. We help develop appropriate data collection strategies, ensure data accuracy, establish relevant performance indicators, and identify key metrics to measure impact and progress towards sustainable goals and long-term value of the organisation.
  • Carbon neutrality through Nature-based Solutions (NbS)
    We help in carbon neutralization of the corporates and human settlements (both urban and rural) to attain net-zero carbon through the Nature-based Solutions. The team at ICWMR carefully designs the best NbS for you, based on the emission potential of activities and at the same time inform avenues to generate income and/or cost saving. We undertake projects on behalf of your agency to generate certified carbon credits and add to the carbon mitigation, better branding, and corporate image.
  • Training and capacity building
    We believe that investing in training and skilling of people is the most effective way of bringing efficiency. We design and deliver training and capacity building programmes for trainers, government and regulatory agencies, industry leaders, students, and working professionals on varying themes including sustainable waste management, entrepreneurship, collecting data for disclosures, carbon trading and markets, life cycle assessment, etc. Along with this, we regularly conduct outreach/ awareness activities such as conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops to deliberate and discuss on critical environmental issues.
  • Improving brand reputation, profits, and business resiliency for corporates
    Consumers and stakeholders increasingly value and demand responsible business conduct. By demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility through BRSR reporting, companies can build trust and credibility with their target audience. This brings about positive brand perception, and a competitive advantage in the market. Business resiliency helps mitigate potential risks associated with climate change, resource scarcity, regulatory changes, and reputational risks.

Key Activities

  • Assessment of ecological, water and carbon footprint
  • Water resources and waste management
  • Policy research and advocacy
  • Carbon finance related to waste management
  • Environment Auditing
  • Technical consultancy for pollution control
  • Consultancy services for audit, BRSR, green credit, and other regulatory reporting
  • Consultancy for nature-based solutions
  • Resource assessment studies and gap analysis
  • Social and environmental impact assessment